Kamis, 30 Desember 2010

my (our) junior high school

my class room when i was in 7th grade
it is upstair over there
the most unique class, because we have storeroom on there
but, it is little bit scary inside the storeroom

that is pond in front of my class when i was in 9th grade
nice place, leafy, windy, cool
hah.....i really, really miss this place

when i'm still a student
this place is a canteen
the place that we can bought some foods, baverages, and bakso of course
but now, it looks like a ruin
ah.....i will miss lumpia, resoles, iced tea, lontong bakso, and all kind of foods and beverages

the mosque...
i have one of many memories in this place...

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  1. pasti kenanganya tak lup[ut dari wanita perenang. . hahahahaha